Types Of Affiliate Marketing Models

These days, affiliate marketing programs are very more popular Internet marketing business to generate income. A main reason of this popular business is because it require very low-cost for startup and there are many different type of affiliate marketing models which an affiliate can choose to make passive income.

The affiliate marketing program is a program of an affiliate network site or merchant site where allowing the affiliate to place their banner ads or button in the affiliate’s website. The affiliate will be paid a commission when the visitor click the ads and follow the link to the merchant’s site to perform the required action.

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is also know as Cost-Per-Click (CPC). A most popular affiliate marketing model which maybe the most easy for earning money. This program allows the affiliate to place a merchant’s product ads link into the affiliate’s website, and when someone click on the link and being redirected to visit the merchant’s website, the affiliate will get paid for a commission.

2. Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) affiliate model sometime also refer to Click-Per-Action (CPA), where the visitor click on the affiliate’s link and follows to the advertiser’s site and perform the required action accordingly; the affiliate will than be paid. The action usually are requiring the visitor to fill up a survey, subscribe to free newsletter, download software or take up trial offer.

3. Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) affiliate model, where the visitor click the affiliate’s link and follow to the merchant’s site and make a purchase of the product, the affiliate will than be paid based on the conversion of sales. Such as Amazon, Market Samurai are offering the PPS affiliate model.

The above are only a few affiliate marketing models which I had researched so far, but there are still many other programs models available out there which you can take up if you are really interested in doing affiliate marketing. Do make comparison of the different models, as the feature and offer provides by the Affiliate Network Company or Merchant are competitive, try out and choose the model which you feel comfortable with.

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